KRANJ - European Masters Championship

05/02/07   International Paralympic Committee: Call for Employment Applications
30/01/07   Qualification Tournaments Men’s Youth European WP Championships
09/01/07   Arena Diving Champions Cup 2007    Invitation and Entry Form
08/01/07   Qualification Tournaments
European B Water Polo Championship - Men
16/12/06   Highlight in the Summer of 2007 in Europe: 100,000 Euro Prize Money at the “Open de Paris“
05/12/06   HELSINKI 2006 European Short Course Championships - Websites
01/12/06   LEN once more has €35,000 of prize money to award
29/11/06   “Mr Swimming Finland” says Good-bye Jani Sievinen concludes his career in Helsinki
22/11/06   European Aquatics and UNICEF agree to work together on safe drinking water and sanitation for all ch
11/11/06   Domino Polo wins the LEN European Super Cup 2006
01/11/06   Swimming proves to be popular at the Special Olympics European Youth Games
01/11/06   Women's LEN European Super Cup 2006 - Domino and Orizzonte will play on Nov. 11th
24/10/06   Irish Swimming Federation Offers a Job through the Women In Sport Initiative
23/10/06   WP Men LEN Trophy: Results of the draw for the Qualification Round II
09/10/06   Erik van Heijningen new Member of LEN Bureau
09/10/06   WP Euro League:
Draw for the Qualification Round 2. Delegates and Referees List
03/10/06   Euro League inaugurates the European Water Polo Competitions 2006-07 Season
29/09/06   LEN Congress in The Hague
19/09/06   Cyprus National Open Water Championships rescheduled
12/09/06   Serbia’s men and Russia’s women teams crowned 2006 European Champions
12/09/06   2007 FINA World Swimming Championship Water Polo qualifications
12/09/06   2008 European Water Polo Championship tickets
12/09/06   Final placing 27th European Water Polo Championships Belgrade 2006
31/08/06   XI European Masters Championships in Swimming, Diving, Open Water and Synchro
31/08/06   LEN President is hoping for best European Water Polo Championships
31/08/06   LEN and Special Olympics (SOEE) to sign partnership agreement to develop swimming opportunities
25/08/06   Belgrade Euro Champs:Historical Venues; qualifying for World Champs; Thre Points
20/08/06   Water Polo European Cups 2006-07 - Results of the DRAW for the first phases
20/08/06   Russia wins the Junior Women Water Polo Title 2006
16/08/06   Francisco Hervas (ESP) and Cassandra Patten (GBR) winners of the European OWS Cup 2006
16/08/06   E.C. 80th Anniversary: Celebratory Book by K.Juba and a LEN Anthem by D.Garfield
12/08/06   WP EC Belgrade 2006 - TV schedule and New rules
11/08/06   European Swimming Championships 2006: Russia and Germany won most medals
29/07/06   The Serbian team has become the 2006 European Junior Waterpolo Champion
22/07/06   ORADEA
Men's European Junior WP Championships
19/07/06   Lake Müritz - European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships Results
14/07/06   European Club Competitions 2006-2007 - New Regulations and Dates
13/07/06   European Junior Diving Championships - Russia and Ukraine dominant with 14 medals each
13/07/06   European Junior Swimming Championships - Russia, Italy and Great Britain the “Big Three“
13/07/06   Open Water Swimming - For European Junior titles and European Cup points at Lake Müritz
07/07/06   LEN returns to the origins - European Swimming Championships third time in Budapest
07/07/06   LEN on Skype
04/07/06   33rd European Junior Swimming Championships - British trio wants to attract attention in Spain
03/07/06   OWS 2006 - Dietrich and Hervas take Vassiviere-Limoges leg
28/06/06   Best Junior European divers & Swimmers ready for the Palma de Mallorca Championships
26/06/06   European OWS Cup Leg 2 - Patten and Studzinski winners in London
16/06/06   Water Polo European Junior Championships - Info Bullettins
05/06/06   OWS Cup - Cleri and Seliverstova first winners on 2006 circuit
01/06/06   Budapest 2006 - Media Accreditation Closed
31/05/06   European Open Water Swimming Cup with 17500 Euro prize money
31/05/06   Upcoming LEN Events
29/05/06   Budapest European Championships 2006 - MEDIA ACCREDITATION
20/05/06   Jug Dubrovnik on top of Europe - Recco defeated 9 -7
19/05/06   Final 4 2006 - Pro Recco and host Jug Dubrovnik meet to be Champions
18/05/06   European Junior Synchro Championships Bonn 17/21 MAY 2006
18/05/06   Final 4 - Press Conference in Dubrovnik - Referees & Programme
18/05/06   European Junior Water Polo Championships
Draw and Calendars
15/05/06   Laure Manadou (FRA) 400m Free Style Record
European Swimming Records Update
02/05/06   Junior Qualification Tournaments - Schedule of Games
30/04/06   Domino Polo Budapest wins Women LEN Trophy 2005/2006
30/04/06   Orizzonte Geymonat Catania (ITA) wins the Champions Cup 2005/2006.
29/04/06   Women Water Polo - Champions Cup & LEN Trophy finals
29/04/06   Euroleague Final Four - Referees and Delegates
24/04/06   European Junior Championships in Palma de Mallorca - Website
19/04/06   Systema Pompea Brescia wins LEN Trophy
19/04/06   Euroleague Final Four - Venue, Participating Teams and Schedule
18/04/06   European Water Polo Championship Belgrade 2006 Referees
18/04/06   LEN Fund for Competitive Development - Deadline for Bids
18/04/06   Drawn the Groups for the European Water Polo Championships
17/04/06   European Water Polo Championships in Belgrade - Qualified Countries and Draw
10/04/06   Arena Diving Champions Cup - Sautin comes back with two golds
05/04/06   Arena Diving Champions Cup
05/04/06   Qualifications for European Water Polo Championships
02/04/06   Junior WP Champs Qualification Tournament - Delegates & Referees
10/12/05   LEN allocated upcoming European Championships
07/10/05   New Personnel at the LEN Office
30/09/05   Four swimmers per nation at the Euro Championships
18/08/05   Alan Bircher and Stefanie Biller can achieve the hat-trick
04/08/05   World Championships: Europe leads in Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming
20/07/05   Hosts Hungary the most successful nation at Swimming Junior Europeans
28/06/05   38 Federations entered the European Junior Championships in Swimming
28/04/05   European Synchronized Swimming Cup start tomorrow in Moscow
16/12/04   European Short Course Swimming Championships - Vienna (Aut)
08/11/04   World Short Course Swimming Championships - Indianapolis (USA)
29/09/04   LEN launches blueprint for future of European Swimming

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